Spuse Visa

Applying for spouse visa can be too complicated especially when client do not know about appendices FM SE and updated english language requirements. We always give advise before hands as to which documents and Appendices should be enclosed with your initial application because it saves your precious family time with your spouse.  There are some exemptions where you do not need to show your financial requiremnts if you are unaware of those, contact us today for further information. Also if your application does not qualify under the Appendix FM we can discuss with you other options where you might fit under another category for your spouse to come over to the UK. Financial requirements and their supportive documents can be very difficult to understand, if you contact us we not only will highlights any improvements that you need to fullfill but we will also advise you accurately upon the documents specifically that fullfill the requirements of immigration rules.  There are so many requirements to fullfill before you can apply for your spouse visa which include English Language, Financial requirement, Subsistence of marriage, proof of contacts, proof of visit and Gross income of employment and self employment, therefore you should always consult with your solicitor not the agent before you can submit your application.
However if your initial application has already been refused because either you have not consulted with anybody or wrong advise has been given to you at initial stages we can still help you to rectify those mistakes either at administrative review stage or at appeal stages. We always focus on the outcomes of the cases according to the legal principles and according to our experties where exceptional circumstances apply as well.  We are here to help you out in your darkest moments of life. So book an appointment with our Ms Anjum as she is expert and dedicated to work in the areas of family visas and family law.                            Contact today to discuss your matter with us ON 0161 205 7087, Alternatively on 007870959175.

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